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416 275 5671

Number 416-275-5671 has been in our database since 20th-Apr-19 and 39 people have searched this number.

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05.4.2019 Saturday @ 06:18am
Telephones me night time and saturdays and sundays. Never a message.

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with a female voice saying "goodbye" after about two minutes of silence unless I insult them really vile.... more ..
Claims to be from my wife's bank, when I asked which one, the woman terminated the call... more ..
and master card services and wants to lower interest rates. Its a phishing scam. ... more ..
then hangs up. Probably a baby playing with the phone.... more ..
I don't know this number phone , but this number call to me so much time for days. ... more ..
Scam then left obscene and threatening voice message. Scary... more ..

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