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270 398 0981

Number 270-398-0981 has been in our database since 17th-Feb-19 and 68 people have searched this number. 270 398 0981 comes from in Madisonville

2703980981 Feedback comments

03.3.2019 Sunday @ 11:08am
This phone number phoned, I did not answer. They failed to leave a phone message.

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donation line. When you call it back, thats where it takes you.... more ..
cut off. All I got was the woman stating her name. I'm only going to abbreviate her name. M.S ... more ..
reply when i messaged her.

"Hi sorry I haven't been on for a bit lol
How did it go... more ..
PPI claim, we now have details of how much you are due....."

... more ..
Calls many times weekly, says IMC, some sort of scam... more ..
a message claiming to be from an insurance company I've never heard of. Sounds totally bogus to me.... more ..

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