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0147 258 5953

Number 0147-258-5953 has been in our database since 16th-Nov-18 and 100 people have searched this number.

01472585953 Feedback comments

12.1.2018 Saturday @ 23:44pm
no respond to my greeting

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end of the line. What's the point of all this?
... more ..
me and I shit you not, this is what happened:

Me: Hello?
(voices in background)
Me: Hello?
Caller: Oh hi is... more ..
at 7:20AM woke up my whole family including my 4 month old baby... STOP THESE CALLS.... more ..
bank account information for Direct Deposit! It's a fucking scam. Dirt bags.... more ..
phone number (201) 815-4337. Said name was Ed Frez offering crap website service. Hunt these people down and beat them with a... more ..
on the line. Trust me, I have screamed at them until I am blue in the face and they WONT stop calling!more ..

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