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BEST DEVELOPER EVER!!!! on 0645042575
10.23.2019 Wednesday @ 12:41pm
This guy doesn't know the difference between a float and a string. LOL.
BEST DEVELOPER EVER!!!! on 27645042575
10.23.2019 Wednesday @ 12:40pm
This guy doesn't know how to code.
Allen on 8666790156
10.11.2019 Friday @ 20:33pm
Told by someone at 347-901-5771 to call 866-679-0156 to claim Good Housekeeping prize. Answered after 10 rings as Good Housekeeping but all operators busy. Told to leave name and number.
John on 03002004146
10.2.2019 Wednesday @ 16:42pm
Fraudsters claiming to be hmrc, asks you to press no1 to continue otherwise a police warrant will be issued for fraud.
Yer on 9811218792
10.1.2019 Tuesday @ 15:46pm
Seems fraud. Begging money for sons funeral and daughter divorce
Not Born Yesterday on 8667172365
09.24.2019 Tuesday @ 17:38pm
I let the machine answer as I always do for unfamiliar numbers, they left no message. Call display name is "Confidential" which of course raises every red flag so I called them from a throwaway VoIP number and a male answered, would not identify himself. The number could of course be spoofed, if this is someone checking to see if you're home or analyzing background noises to learn about you they almost certainly would be spoofing the number.
Vishal chandaliya on 7971507691
09.20.2019 Friday @ 14:09pm
Ker pay Tamara phon ko Uto
Equipo de investigación on 717101665
09.12.2019 Thursday @ 04:18am

Nombre:Juan José tomé fernandez
Telf: 717101665

compraba palés a una bodega con denominación de origen Ribera del Duero y luego las envasaba igual que Pingus o Flor de Pingus, imitaba su etiquetado y hasta serigrafiaba los corchos de forma artesanal igual que la marca
Quiverb on 01202830647
09.9.2019 Monday @ 12:17pm
Trying to sell gold cover for my home appliances some 4 pieces, this I had with BG, but cancelled 4 months ago, so they are using old research info.
Ugh on 3474405785
09.3.2019 Tuesday @ 14:51pm
Closeted self-hating gay guy
Charlotte on 03002009411
08.23.2019 Friday @ 15:56pm
I was told there was a warrant out for my arrest if I didn't make a payment!
mikey on 02038974630
08.21.2019 Wednesday @ 11:26am
Just had a call from this number. Offering me a free photo shoot as my number was given to them by another client who benefited from a free photoshoot.
Akun whatshap on 085230737475
08.20.2019 Tuesday @ 09:30am
Chat riwayat
Paulina on 03002008428
08.19.2019 Monday @ 11:19am
It’s a spam! Claiming it’s HMRC and trying to get money off of you. Hang up!
Mal on 7543078638
08.15.2019 Thursday @ 14:04pm
Had two pocket dial like calls from this number about a month apart. very annoying. No pickup and no idea who this is.
Anon on 07889282119
08.14.2019 Wednesday @ 02:14am
Hey, I own this phone. I'm not sure if 'Katrice' has typed the wrong number, but this is my mobile. I have never called anybody with a pre-recorded message. Thanks.
Gayle on 07893024713
08.12.2019 Monday @ 13:07pm
I'm having the same problem. They've been calling over a week and no message left. It's a bit worrying cause it's borderline harassment.
Actual OWNER of 757-905-0051 !!!! on 7579050051
08.11.2019 Sunday @ 22:46pm
VoiP phone users steal this and many other numbers to make it look like they are calling you from these numbers, but they aren't! It's a masking technique to disguise their real numbers and who they really are.
If you receive an unwanted call from a telemarketer, from this number, it's NOT being dialed by the real owner of this number, so just hang up!
WARNING: Any VoiP users who misuse this feature by fraudulently using this number, WILL be investigated fully and this number's actual Owner WILL prosecute to the fullest extent of the Law!!
Steve on 1441172050539
08.8.2019 Thursday @ 21:27pm
VOIP Spammer
Chris Del Giudice on 02030520990
08.5.2019 Monday @ 07:53am
This is some type of scam company in Asia pretending to be in UK.
Nunyah on 1441172050539
07.30.2019 Tuesday @ 19:14pm
Some dirtbag VOIP spammer
Me on 07387570346
07.29.2019 Monday @ 15:31pm
Its my friends number
Tony on 02065765003
07.26.2019 Friday @ 16:24pm
Called claiming to be building firm new in the area who were willing to pay for some of any work done to get started. No idea where they've got our number from, so just put them down as nuisance callers.
mike on 8772622809
07.20.2019 Saturday @ 06:26am
got a voice mail on my cell said to call this number 877-262-2809 important
Sam on 8016489494
07.16.2019 Tuesday @ 18:11pm
This is a personal cell# never ever used for solicitation.
I don't know who this "Will" character is. I don't recollect ever calling anyone with that name.
Is it possible that my number was spoofed? That would be sad.
Tony on 6672854960
07.16.2019 Tuesday @ 12:26pm
I received a text message with an image from 'Jenna'. The text was spelled poorly and it was a solicitation for a hookup.
David Burrell on 0014104540017
07.12.2019 Friday @ 10:53am
Share compensation ?
CJ Caufield on 5344292483
07.11.2019 Thursday @ 09:28am
Female.on eHarmony. Claiming to live in Goodlettsville, TN. Renee is the name she uses.
Ahmad on 0143238781
07.11.2019 Thursday @ 08:14am
RHB agency Newest Recoveries phone number:

0123469520 steven
0153581451(pretend call from SPR, call recordings)
0166030762 (pretend call from lawyer firm)

How To Deal With Debt Collectors
by, in category "Debt Management"

August 2, 2017

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Are you behind with your loan repayments? If you are worried about your safety and your rights when a debt collector hounds you for your repayments, read on.

Who are Debt Collectors?
Debt collectors, or debt collecting agencies, are usually hired by banks, telecommunication companies and utility companies. Essentially, they provide debt recovery services to collect money owed from either individuals, businesses or companies in the event of refusal or late payments.

However, as regulations are lax in the field of debt collecting, problems arise when debt collectors are not tactful during the process of collecting payments. Some debt collecting agencies even go as far as harassing and intimidating the debtors to get them to pay. Do take note that debt collecting is legal in Malaysia, but only if it is undertaken by licensed debt collecting agencies. As stated by Bank Negara Malaysia, banks are allowed to hire the service of debt collecting agencies, subject to stringent conditions that the banks ensure the appointed debt collecting agents adopt good practices.


What Are Your Rights?
Bank Negara Malaysia has set a guideline of fair debt collection practices to be followed by debt collectors. The debt recovery should be done in a manner that is fair to the debtors, and includes protection of privacy of borrowers during the debt recovery process. Under the fair debt collection practices, banks that engage debt collectors must:

Promote high standards of professionalism in the industry
Ensure that debt collectors adopt good debt collection practices and conduct:
must not resort to intimidation or violence
should give their borrowers written notice
should issue an authorisation card
Must ensure that customer information provided to debt collectors is clear and accurate
Adhere to relevant information and secrecy provisions.
You Have Rights To Information

If a debt collector contacts you, make sure you ask for an authorisation card, the name of the debt collection company they are representing, and a written notice of your debt.

There Is Time Limitations To Your Debt

In Malaysia, under the Limitation Act 1953, there is a time limit in which a creditor can take legal action against a debtor.. This means companies must initiate legal claims within a certain time frame. After that time frame has passed, a borrower is no longer obliged to repay their debt. The time frame is 6 years from the date of providing the loan, after which companies can no longer take any action.

For example: You take on a 7 year loan from a bank in 2017. This means you should have paid the loan off by 2024. If you don’t pay off your loan by then, banks can take legal action against you 6 years after 2024. This means, after 2030, if they did not initiate any legal action against you, they can no longer do so.

So if a debt collection agent approaches you for a debt you owe more than 6 years ago, they have no right to initiate any legal action against you for the amount owed. As for credit cards, if the amount you owe for which banks want to take action against you was from 6 years ago, banks will have no rights to do so. This is because in Malaysia the time limitations for creditors (bank) to make any claims on unpaid loan is 6 years. This will apply to all types of loan given out by bank.

5X 360′ Rewards Points for Dining, Departmental Stores & Overseas spend
1X 360′ Rewards Points for Other spend
ZERO Annual Fee, FREE for life
Debt collectors cannot harass you

Under the “Fair Debt Collection Practices” guideline issued by Bank Negara Malaysia, debt collecting agents must not use improper methods or any form of harassment when contacting you. This means debt collectors agents are not allowed to use abusive language, to humiliate or intimidate borrowers.

Debt collectors cannot call more than 3 times

If a debt collector constantly calls you, or hounds you at your workplace, you can submit a complaint to the bank and Bank Negara Malaysia. Debt collectors are not allowed to call loan defaulters or borrowers more than three times a week. You have the right to complain if your phone has been ringing off the hook.

Debt collectors cannot threaten you

Debt collectors are not allowed to threaten you, or take any actions that are illegal to make you repay your debt. This includes trespassing and the use of scare tactics. They are not allowed to follow you around after work, or hang out outside your home.


Your information cannot be shared

The Personal Data Protection Act 709 plays a crucial role in safeguarding the interest of individuals, and it makes it illegal for corporations or even individuals to sell, share or even allow the use of your personal information data by third parties. The act comprises various rules that governs the collection, use, disclosure and care of individual’s personal data in commercial transactions. If you find that debt collecting agents are embarrassing you, or contacting your friends and family about your debt in an attempt to get you to pay, it can be considered a breach of the PDPA act.

Where Can You Submit Complaints?
You are advised to lodge complaints with the respective bank regarding their debt collectors’ actions. If borrowers are not satisfied with the manner in which complaints were handled by banks, borrowers can then submit complaints to Bank Negara Malaysia at:

BNMTELELINK (customer contact centre)
Operating hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm (Monday – Friday)

BNMLINK (walk in customer service centre)
Bank Negara Malaysia
Ground Floor, D Block
Jalan Dato’ Onn
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Operating hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm (Monday – Friday)

Finally, remember that before the debt collectors are put to work, banks would usually have provided you numerous reminders for your loan repayment. Don’t ignore a bank’s letter of reminder calls. Instead communicate with the bank if you are unable to make payments. You can discuss repayment options with the bank such as loan restructuring if you face financial problems. Banks usually consider loan restructuring because they too would like to minimize the amount of non-performing loans.
Robert Rogers. on 02080499354
07.9.2019 Tuesday @ 13:51pm
Does any body know if this is scam.9+4
Kimmy on 827076632327
07.9.2019 Tuesday @ 05:30am
Got a man call with this phone number but he hung up the call immediately. Is anyone know what is it about?
Kristen on 8189148377
07.7.2019 Sunday @ 06:01am
Very odd and old woman continues to call looking for the previous owner at all hours of the day and might
Don on 4157073143
07.5.2019 Friday @ 21:39pm
Called, did not leave message
Graham on 07974484718
07.2.2019 Tuesday @ 11:00am
That's because I didn't call you, in fact I made no outgoing calls that day.
Dano on 8282761897
06.29.2019 Saturday @ 05:23am
I’ve been receiving threatening messages from this number in the past and now 6 months later.
Dave on 08438746291
06.27.2019 Thursday @ 19:03pm
Rang twice in very short time - if you answer it hangs up. Spam.
Bev on 07584389097
06.27.2019 Thursday @ 08:58am
Called at 8am no message called again...ignored again, no message. Listing with ee as spam
Shann on 8133080037
06.26.2019 Wednesday @ 22:05pm
robotic voice left voicemail stating that legal action was going to be taken against me for fraudulent activity using my social security number. Asked me to call them back to talk to one of their officers of their "department" before legal procedures would be filed against me. Gave me a toll free number, which was not a 1-800 number.
JAY on 5052194793
06.26.2019 Wednesday @ 21:50pm
Telemarketer selling alarm systems.
Juan José tome fernandez on 717101665
06.25.2019 Tuesday @ 03:12am
Tenemos un grupo de afectados por esta persona
Martha on 03002005576
06.22.2019 Saturday @ 15:07pm
A recorded message said it was from HM Revenue and Customs to press a number 1
Sunil on 01282233754
06.20.2019 Thursday @ 06:46am
lavada on 6612410115
06.20.2019 Thursday @ 03:48am
insurance scam phone calls. dude on phone said his name is lafayette and heard him say "we need that hmo g".
Gillian on 02921283153
06.19.2019 Wednesday @ 21:31pm
Call prevention service about stopping unwanted telephone calls. I registered with them and received a prompt response. Very polite representative who explained the service in detail and answered all my questions.
Jim on 012244390171
06.18.2019 Tuesday @ 13:50pm
Called, no audio, sounded like a computer call. Ended call
Terry on 48914874988
06.18.2019 Tuesday @ 10:51am
Jerzy Pobocha is peadophille
Robin on 48914874988
06.18.2019 Tuesday @ 10:49am
Jerzy Pobocha to stary oszust sÄ…dowy.
Wystarczy dać mu człowieka a on go dopasuje do przestępstwa.
Jego ofiara padlo wiele osob takich jak Tomasz Komenda
kit boga jr on 4705523692
06.13.2019 Thursday @ 21:49pm
scammer called and left ridiculously vague message
Robs wife on 2625846325
06.13.2019 Thursday @ 01:08am
Calls my husband all the time. When I call the # they won't answer. When I text asking who this is they curse me out. Only a guess but I say it's a sad lonely female playing game with married men.
U. Warning on 7736660196
06.10.2019 Monday @ 10:21am
This one of the numbers being used by Joseph Edward George Porter, born 1980, of Chicago, IL who harasses women. He is delusional and forms obsessions over women he has never met and then sends them messages about how he is in love and wants to *** inside of them. Creepy, needs professional help.
Javier moreno Villa on 656857993
06.9.2019 Sunday @ 02:39am
Genteeee tener cuidado yo también fui víctima de este tío me hizo un porte de grúa hasta ahí todo bien pero cuando llegó el vehículo al destino faltaban varias piezas el pomo el radiador la radio los tapacubos y el escape él decía que no que ya lo había cogido así y que casualidad las piezas que desaparecieron a los 15 días aparecieron en venta en su perfil de walapop volví a reclamarselas y su respuesta fue.... "Estas piezas son mías no se de qué me hablas" y amenazando que si seguía reclamado lo que era mío me mandaría a unos gitanos para romperme las piernas esa fue mi experiencia con este enfermo tener mucho cuidado
kate winslet on 9811779590
06.7.2019 Friday @ 15:27pm
Ace on 9163060480
06.7.2019 Friday @ 00:08am
Mark on 6193893048
06.4.2019 Tuesday @ 02:48am
Text'd About A Free Bottle Of LifeLab Fat Pills.
Dawn on 02476685117
06.3.2019 Monday @ 11:30am
I didnt answer the call as I did not recognize the telephone number.
Chrissy on 4017418959
06.3.2019 Monday @ 06:06am
Sets up fake dates, time waster and picture collector.
Disturbed on 8573183900
06.2.2019 Sunday @ 08:29am
Too uncomfortable to finish the voicemail they left. Block this number.
Debra on 2512025884
06.2.2019 Sunday @ 01:17am
I keep getting spam calls from this number. I blocked them and it still comes through. I will say hello and I either get hung up on or they ask my name and I said yes it is, then they say okay then and hang up. I have been answering my phone because my parents have been ill and they live in Alabama and all I notice is the area code at first glance and I answer it thinking it might be something about my parents. I have went on every website I can find that has my UNPUBLISHED PRIVATE NUMBER that I have been paying every month to be private for years. And I have deleted it. Today's technology NOTHING IS PRIVATE ANYMORE NO MATTER IF YOU PAY FOR IT OR NOT. IT TOTALLY SUCKS AND IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING. AND IF ONLY I COULD GET MY HANDS AROUND THE NECK OF WHO EVER PUBLISHES PRIVATE NUMBERS.
Debra on 2512025884
06.2.2019 Sunday @ 01:15am
I keep getting spam calls from this number. I blocked them and it still comes through. I say answer hello and I either get hung up on or they ask my name and I said yes, then they say okay then and hang up. I have been answering my phone because my parents have been ill and they live in Alabama and all I notice is the area code at first glance and I answer it thinking it might be something about my parents. I have went on every website I can find that has my UNPUBLISHED PRIVATE NUMBER that I have been paying every month to be private for years. And I have deleted it. Today's technology NOTHING IS PRIVATE ANYMORE NOT MATTER IF YOU PAY FOR IT OR NOT. IT TOTALLY SUCKS AND IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING. AND IF ONLY I COULD GET MY HANDS AROUND THE NECK OF WHO EVER PUBLISHES PRIVATE NUMBERS.
Mandy on 01618211280
05.31.2019 Friday @ 08:37am
Ppi regarding iva yet another scam
Nick on 0147504711
05.30.2019 Thursday @ 04:32am
It's a spam caller. Always disturbing. No respond when i answer
CoraNora on 2406337169
05.29.2019 Wednesday @ 21:48pm
Robocall - Computer support scam. Even the computerized voice speaks poor English.... "subscription for computer support has already expired two days back. so. Your account will be debited with $399 dollars and 99 cents tomorrow morning for the renewal of your subscription for the next three years once again. In case. If you do not wish to renew the subscription with us anymore press 1. To talk with our live representative. To assist you further."
EJ on 03002000651
05.29.2019 Wednesday @ 18:30pm
HMRC???? Not
mh on 02080687463
05.29.2019 Wednesday @ 12:17pm
hung up when answerphone kicked in
Sandra on 02086380877
05.29.2019 Wednesday @ 11:37am
Claimed to be recruitment agency who got my details from the website she can't remember.
Emma on 06513762512
05.29.2019 Wednesday @ 01:21am
Keeps calling after midnight answer it hangs up ...unable to be called back
Chris on 6472948273
05.28.2019 Tuesday @ 18:34pm
Calls over and over and doesnt answer when I pick up. I deleted the number, but I swear to God this is a person i hooked up with when I was drunk. Mistake.
Harold on 02921283153
05.28.2019 Tuesday @ 16:53pm
Call prevention service about stopping spam phone calls. they called me because i registered on their website. very helpful and gave me all the information about the service.
Joe on 07514580531
05.26.2019 Sunday @ 18:25pm
this person is a catfish, using the name Amanda
Walter Stankite on 7187207100
05.23.2019 Thursday @ 21:07pm
Great company, Diamond capital is the best in the industry!
Jay on 07583315726
05.22.2019 Wednesday @ 14:22pm
i own this number and no call was made at that time or date, no calls were made that day.
John on 8338876227
05.20.2019 Monday @ 22:18pm
This is a scam collecting money for cops. They call from fake local numbers.
Viktoria on 2069813791
05.20.2019 Monday @ 21:29pm
I answered but the caller hung up. I wouldn't be surprised if this was another Portfolio Recovery call. They have a billion throwaway numbers.
Ches on 007418348143
05.20.2019 Monday @ 15:47pm
Spammer wanted to talk to my wife (he knew our name & address) about a washing machine at this address.
Anonymous on 07537185811
05.19.2019 Sunday @ 12:33pm

USING ALIASES LIKE julie taylor etc.
Dave on 07438326356
05.18.2019 Saturday @ 14:05pm
Let me guess, you're in Egypt serving with the U.S. army and wanna send me some money? Am I right or am I right?
anonymous on 6303170926
05.17.2019 Friday @ 03:20am
Portfolio Recovery debt collector
vijay on 8886092068
05.16.2019 Thursday @ 23:17pm
spam lawyer call fakety fake fake
Lin on 3726737254
05.16.2019 Thursday @ 14:09pm
+372 673 7254 called me on 13.05, 14.05 and 16.05. I didn't answer and when trying to call back it gave me bad quality holding music with no sign of a queue. No voicemeails left either.
patricia kirkman on 9186183294
05.15.2019 Wednesday @ 21:10pm
I haven't got to use it
Simon on 02035827079
05.14.2019 Tuesday @ 18:51pm
14/05/2019 @ 18.05.
No message was left. Have blocked it now.
Wardha abadi on 085230737475
05.13.2019 Monday @ 16:56pm
Kirim riwaya
louis on 1399991244
12.23.2018 Sunday @ 23:43pm
use your caller id
jessie on 0182973474
11.30.2018 Friday @ 20:08pm
insurance people. :)
jennie on 0280492850
11.30.2018 Friday @ 19:07pm
5 in the bloody morning they called me.

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